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Where We Take Our Bags; From Iconic Buildings to Coffee Hotspots

Bringing you the latest in Fashion & Style, Clutch Bags breaks down the iconic buildings, and morning coffee spots so you can travel around the city in style. What bag do we suggest to tackle this nyc guide? The belt bag. You can find some at

Functional and stylish, this hands-free bag will let you wander the city with two coffees in hand if necessary!


New York City is filled with iconic buildings, perfect for a photo opportunity or simply to admire the beauty and individuality of New York's architectural gems.

We have compiled a list of some of our favourites, including some museums we love to visit for inspiration on art, design, and fashion!


The Flatiron Building

The Guggenheim Museum

The Met

Grand Central Terminal

New York Public Library

Radio City Music Hall

One World Trade Center

The Chrysler Building

The Whitney Museum of Art


As for coffee, any New Yorker will know that there are so many options, not all of them giving you the aromatic coffee you crave though!!

So Clutch Bags is here to help with our list of some hotspots we love.


Toby's Estate

Stumptown Coffee Roasters


Happy Bones

Gasoline Alley Coffee

O Cafe

Two Hands


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