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10 Non-Boring Work Bags for Every Woman

Are you a real bag-rotator? On the constant hunt for the effortless work bag that fits just about everything you need for your busy day?

Here are the ten non-boring work bags for every type of woman: from the creative woman, to the office woman, from the on-the-go woman, to the stay-at-home woman.

Work bags are designed to make your life easier, organizing you and your busy day into one carry-all so you're always ready, at any time, in any place. Work Bags can also be quite an investment but serve as a staple piece and must-have in any wardrobe. Once a woman finds the right work bag, it is usually very difficult for her to part ways!

At has put together our hitlist of non-boring work bags for the working woman. So this week's blog focuses on bringing every woman a selection of bags just for her - from the cheap but reliable, to the practical and stylish, find our top ten non-boring workbags below:

1. The Cheap but Reliable, Zara, $45.95

2. A Reliable Communter, Luis Stevens on, $455.00

3. The Not-So-Basic shopper, Clare V, $495.00

4. A Sensible Satchel, Janis Lee on, $545.00

5. Classic Leather Bucket, Staud, $375.00

6. No Frills Shoulder bag, Tory Burch, $348.00

7. The Practical but Stylish Knapsack, Shana Luther on, $270.00

8. The Roomy Tote, Isabel Marant, $995.00

9. A Modern Metallic Mailer, Clutch NY on, $455.00

10. The Simple Tote, Mansur Gavriel, $585.00

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