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The Holiday Season Gift Guide Featuring...

This holiday season the team at Clutch Bags Dot Com decided to make our holiday campaign all about giving. Bringing you a twenty-four day gift-giving guide via instagram we selected the best places to spend the holidays, alongside how to give back to the community and loved ones.

Check out our gift giving guide for the first six days of December and stay tuned on instagram for the next eighteen days of holiday giving...

1. The first day of our gift giving guide, bringing you a dose of christmas each day of December. Stay tuned for some goodies, discounts and the latest in American fashion & style.

2. The perfect gift for the man in your life... a working bag so he has one less thing to think about after the holidays.. on Clutch Bags dot com

3. Stay stylish this christmas. Shop the curated marketplace of American designers at Clutch Bags Dot Com

4. Swipe left for the vintage trend you're going to want to watch this winter... The Tannery Black leather trench from Shop The Break.

5. Here's where one photographer in New York loves to go in winter... @desruby "Thought I'd introduce my friend from home (Austin) to a christmas favourite (and always favourite). Cafe Select, in Soho, for some cozy cappuccinos and delicious muesli."

6. Looking for that perfect gift for the person who has everything? Head to Clutch Bags dot com for the Nocori bag that combines convenience and style for any lifestyle.

Looking for more holiday gift inspo? Head to ClutchBags for all the latest in American made fashion and style. Or give the gift of a design consult to the bring your loved ones' design dreams to life.

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