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How Female Creatives are Closing the Gender Gap

Girlgaze's instagram appeared less than two years ago, populating images that promised a new and diverse view of the world from an all-female perspective. Founded by British photographer Amanda De Cadet, Girlgaze was a page to bring to light issues of gender inequalities and the lack of females in creative industries. Beyond curated content from the female perspective. Girlgaze is a multi-media platform that creates space for future generations of female creatives.

Making space for up-and-coming Generation Z female creatives and elevating spaces for them in the creative industries is what Girlgaze strives to promote and do. The team at #clutchbagsdotcom loves the Girlgaze initiative and everything they stand for. Every creative business and industry has the responsibility to be implementing and teaching these values of equal opportunity and equal representation for women.

At #clutchbagsdotcom we are fully #female owned. Take our #girlboss principal of Clutch Bags Laura Dotolo as an exemplar. Not only has she created her own business which she single-handedly runs everyday, but she also paves the way for young female interns, designers, and creatives whom she facilitates through her business. Teaching them that you C A N be a working woman, live in New York City and run your own company.

At #clutchbagsdotcom we are all about embracing the #girlboss. Clutch Bags facilitates and supports emerging female accessory designers through our #Instagram and #website. We use our platform and voice to promote females in the creative industries and make known to future generations that there is a space for women to be seen and heard.

If you love our mission and want to get involved, follow #girlgaze #girlboss and #clutchbags on instagram to follow and support our mission.

How else can you help? Support the female designers that we already support on #clutchbagsdotcom and purchase a handbag knowing that your purchase is helping a female designer get her business out there.

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