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Empowering Women With Your Accessories

The team at Clutch Bags is always dedicated to bringing you the latest in American fashion and style. This week we decided to bring you a #girlboss guide to empowering other women through the accessories you purchase and wear. So how can the accessories we adorn ourselves with actually make a difference in the lives and equal opportunity of women? We sourced some brands who are working towards a more equal future for women and girls and explored how they use their accessories to do so. Why? Because it's so easy to overlook how fortunate we are as women in #nyc and how other women in challenging circumstances face far greater inequalities every day. It is our responsibility as consumers of fashion to empower other women and wear our accessories with pride knowing they made a difference.

Raven + Lily is a fair trade fashion brand specializing in leather bags and jewelery. Since 2008 they have empowered over 1,500 female artisans with a fair trade wage, safe working conditions, sustainable income, and healthcare. Additionally, every purchase of a Raven + Lily product helps fund micro loans to female entrepreneurs in partnering communities.

Naja is changing the way women shop for lingerie by creating a brand that seeks to empower women, rather than objectify them. Naja's garment factory employs single mothers and females, and pays them well above minimum wage with access to health care benefits. Their flexible work policies allow women to feel empowered as mothers, and as workers. Every mother's child employed at the factory also receives free school uniforms, books and lunches.

The Social Outfit is an ethical trading enterprise that provides employment and training in the fashion industry to people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. By tapping into the creativity of refugee communities, they hope to lead empowerment and social inclusion.

Mettle fair trade is a fashion site dedicated to offering fair trade accredited, limited edition and hand-made pieces using recycled bomb shell metal. The entire range is produced in Cambodia and Indonesia within a small, not for profit organization that empowers women.

Sudara was founded on the need for safe, steady and living-wage employment in India as a pathway to freedom and choice for women and their families. Their focus and goal is to empower women to live in freedom from sex-slavery through safe, sustainable employment. Every style of pajamas is named in honor and celebration of women in the business and their stories are shared.

Our Sacred Women is a company dedicated to honoring women. The Women Are Sacred initiative was created to honor women in practice not simply by virtue. The result was sustainable and ethical productions of accessories and fashion that honors women through a powerful and timely message.

At Clutch Bags we facilitate a space for emerging female designers to be seen and heard. We are a #girlboss run company that focusses on empowering females through their accessories and choice of style and self-expression. Shop our female designers below to support their local business.

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