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How "Camp" Can Become Part of Your Everyday Fashion.

The 2019 Met Gala has brought Camp, and all it has to offer, to an all time high in the mainstream media. This year's theme, Camp : an aesthetic style that brought us over the top, anything goes, extravagant outfits and looks. From Lady Gaga’s four piece costume performance, to Jared Leto strutting the carpet with a replica of his own head, it is clear that Camp means something different to everyone. The question is, how can you bring Camp into your own everyday wardrobe?

Camp is all about an individual expression. It is individual style and the freedom that comes with self expression. Being comfortable in your own skin and sharing it with the world. One can tell a story through their appearance, accessory, and or clothing. Because the flamboyant trend has endless interpretation, there is no one right way to execute it. Wanting to participate in this new wave of fashion doesn't mean you have to clean out your wardrobe completely.

fashionbrandcompany - Polka Dot Clown Dress

Fashion Brand Company - Polka Dot Clown Dress ($95)

Find ways of incorporating different looks, pieces, and accessory lovelies together into one noteworthy outfit. Rock some bold patterns, mix and match as you please. There is only one rule when it comes to Camp, and that is, there are no rules! If you love it, rock it. The fun doesn't stop at stunning wardrobe pieces, it reaches all the way into accessories too.

Wild Fable - Women's Square Sunglasses

Target, Wild Fabel - Women's Square Sunglasses ($15)

Betsey Johnson - Opulent Floral Bird Earrings

Betsey Johnson - Opulent Floral Bird Earrings ($52)

Bedazzled glasses from Target, or mismatched earrings from the infamous Betsey Johnson. You can find a perfect match for you just about anywhere you look. It is all about having fun with the things that bring joy to you! If you're feeling confident and having fun in your clothes, it will exude to everyone around you.

Forever 21 - Surplice Wrap Top

Forever 21 - Surplice Wrap Top ($28)

Perhaps Camp is a bit much for you, maybe it reaches a little bit too far out of your fashion comfort zone. Fear not! Simply wearing a bold or loud color you wouldn't normally wear could be the outer limits of Camp to you. It doesn't hurt if the top has an oversized bow, paired with big puffy sleeves. Speaking of oversized bows, have you check out our Cocktail Clutch at It is the perfect accessory to make any outfit a little more over the top and fab!

Clutch Bags - The Cocktail Clutch

Clutch Bags - The Cocktail Clutch ($198)

Whether you are strutting the red carpet in head to toe designer, or wearing your grandma's sweater, Camp is above all, all about wearing YOU! Wear your personality and confidence on your sleeve. If there is anything this year's 2019 Met Gala taught us, it is that Camp really means to fearlessly represent yourself through how we style ourselves.

All products listed above are linked and can be purchased. Please see citations for more information.

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