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Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe & Accessory Prep Guide

New York fashion influencers like Who What Wear often discuss 'capsule wardrobes' but what does it REALLY mean and how can YOU prep for fall by building a foolproof wardrobe. And what even defines a foolproof wardrobe??? We headed to Vogue dot com to uncover the ultimate definition from the ultimate 'fashion dictionary'. A capsule wardrobe according to the fashionable ladies at Vogue is a 'collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. The aim is to have an outfit for every occasion without owning excessive items of clothing.'

Sounds simple enough. But what do you really need in YOUR wardrobe this Fall? The in-the-know team at #clutchbagsdotcom researched #girlbosses near and wide who are embodying a well collected capsule wardrobe, and what essentials they seem to be wearing. Here's a roundup of our favorite looks and accessories and the KEY pieces you should invest in to stay #fashionable and #minimalistic.

What says Fall like a beautiful STATEMENT COAT. Immediately elevating an outfit, you only need one statement coat in your wardrobe and mix and match different outfits with during the season. Think textures, warm colours, bold leopard print or even a pop of bright color.

SUIT UP ladies. Whether its straight off the runway, or a vintage oversized find, a pant suit is the perfect addition to your fall capsule wardrobe. Why? Wear it with sweaters, or a tee, dress it up with heels or down with sneakers, there really are a million different ways you could go.

Be classic this fall in an UNDERSTATED TONAL handbag that will fit everything you need on your day to day. Why tonal? because what says fall better than a bag that will go with every fall color in your wardrobe. Now that's a great investment. You can shop these Clutch Bags handbags HERE.

Accessories make an outfit pop. This fall season, accessorizing is all about texture. The best feature to have in your wardrobe? MOTHER OF PEARLS. Elegant, playful, feminine and fun these little beads add to your fall necessities.

It's getting chilly and every woman needs this one essential in her capsule wardrobe. SCARVES whether it's a silk neck tie or a big blanket scarf, these are an essential not just to accessorize, but to stay warm this season.

Stay comfortable & stylish with cool, street-style worthy CHIC SNEAKERS that go with anything from leather to a pretty silk slip.

Don't freeze up this Fall. Prep your wardrobe with TURTLENECKS keep you stylish and warm. This is an iconic sweater silhouette that suits everyone and anyone.

We hope you loved our fall prep guide to your perfect capsule wardrobe! You can shop more at #clutchbagsdotcom. Do YOU want to join our curated space for women designers who make in the USA, click HERE to learn more.

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