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7 Bags That Were Hot Last #NYFW

As the September issues of Vogue roll out and fashion week is set to begin, the team at #clutchbagsdotcom looked back on the hottest handbags of 2018 from #NYFW. Why New York Fashion Week? Because of course, New York City is the centre of all things Clutch Bags, from our world of fashion to our office. New York for decades has been the symbol of street style, creativity, fashion and business. People come to New York to live their dreams and follow their passions. Or attend schools like Parsons and FIT to learn from the best and pursue their creative endeavours.

New York City is the perfect landscape for what we do and what we stand for at Clutch Bags. As more women emerge into the creative and fashion worlds, we are the platform that supports and empowers them on their journey, as well as spread the word to other #girlbosses about what's the latest in #Americanfashionandstyle.

So check out the 7 hottest bags of last season below, and head to our instagram for more...

The mini (or pouch) belt bags (especially with a chain!) adorned New York Cities' street corners, layered with tonal fall coats.

Box shaped handbags please! Last season at NYFW was all about the box shaped bags, heaps of structure, very practical and oh-so-statement-worthy.

The playful vintage bag was done so well by company SHRIMPS. This iconic clip vintage purse is made fun, playful and modern again.

Envelope bags or folded vintage-esque handbags also featured a lot in street style photography. The usefulness paired with the bright colours added bold statements to Fall inspired outfits.

Last but not least... Courduroy!! The holy grail of vintage fabrics that is only getting BIGGER and bigger. From vintage pants to runway bags, this material is set to take over this Fall.

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