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Defining a Sustainable Purchase

How sustainable is your wardrobe? How do you define sustainable clothing? Where do you go to shop sustainable options and at what expense?

With the launch of Gucci Equilibrium, an online platform designed to connect people, planet and purpose, the brand picked the perfect moment to start a new conversation on sustainability and the impact if fashion on our environment. 75% of fashion companies have improved their environmental and social performance over the past year. But how can we know which companies are falling short and where we can put our money to make change?

One of the best things consumers can do is set standards for themselves. What does it mean to them to purchase sustainably, what's their budget to do so and how can they improve their habits to improve environmental and social considerations? There are lots of different ways to do this, it's just like trying on a shoe, you work out what fits and what you're willing to splurge or save on to find the perfect pair.

The team at Clutch Bags Dot Com has curated some helpful ways in which we think about sustainability and how we define it and reflect it in our everyday purchases.

1. Buy locally buying locally is incredibly important for local economies, as well as local environments because it promotes small business sustainability and cuts out ethical concerns.

2. Buy Vintage yes that's right! Vintage is in and it's here to stay. Buying vintage eliminates the waste cycle of products, and it's often times a lot cheaper than the original retail price of the product!

3. Keep products for longer if you buy something and you wear it once and then dispose it you aren't really doing anyone any favours! What a waste of money, time to make that product, and environmental impacts just for one wear!

4. Donate / sell products so you're getting rid of some old clothes. Instead of throwing them out, why don't you consider donating or even selling and making some money on those old pieces!

5. Demand transparency when you are making a purchase, be inquisative, be demanding. Ask the hard questions so that brands realise they are accountable for their choices.

6. Think before you buy do you really need another $10 dress that someone got payed below the US minimum wage to make? Sometimes consideration will really change your thoughts on purchases, and save your bank account!

The team at Clutch Bags hopes you start implementing some of these tips into your everyday lives. Don't forget to shop locally at #clutchbagsdotcom and support your local #girlbosses.

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