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Girl Boss of the Moment: Lizzo

From 2017 to now Lizzo has grown from up and coming pop star to international sensational, body positive icon and total girl boss. Her lyrical genius is incredible live. As people crowd together to sing self love lyrics, her show is a vibrant expression of feminine power. An advocate for size representation, Lizzo shares self love and confidence, not only through her music and shows but through her comedic instagram and fashion choices.

So why is Lizzo a girl boss to the team at #clutchbagsdotcom? Because she single handedly set out to break into a hard industry to break through, let alone as a woman, person of color, and not a size 0-4.

Lizzo pushes the fashion boundaries with her pieces and accessories. Speaking of her stylist Lizzo notes her vision for the feminine form, creating moments and changing the fashion industries 'ideals'.

“The industry is just starting to accept and embrace diversity and individuality. Right now, when it comes to size it’s still stubborn. It’s only letting certain people through. If you can fit into that [existing] mold you’re okay, but I think it’s when we bust into that mold, we’ll break it. There are a lot of exciting things that are going to come. If I’m inspiring to Vogue, if I’m inspiring to designers and they fuck with me, then we’ll make something really amazing happen.”

Our curated shop allows us to create space for, and empower, emerging female designers who work in the USA. Our talented female designers sell with us on our site and become a part of our community through our support, praise and recognition both physically and online!

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So do you want to join us #girlbosses today? Contact us on #clutchbagsdotcom to find out how. You can also support these female designers by shopping their latest products on the site.

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