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2021 fashion revival

The pandemic hit fashion and retail sectors hard in 2020. Designers and brands became casualties to Covid mandates, and stores struggled to stay in business. Brick and mortar retail became a thing of the past. The supply chain was broken. People demanded sustainable, ethical and local fashion. As the people of NYC and the USA started working from home, there was less need for high fashion, or even fast fashion for that matter. Perhaps a moment of pause and reflection, the industry is reviving into one that is based around the needs, wants and lifestyles of the consumer. 2021 is the year of fashion's revival. From ethics, to sustainability, politics and diversity, fashion now is about consumption with morals, beliefs and brand loyalty. No longer can a brand exist off of making trend pieces, or fast and mass produced items. Cancel culture pushes brands to take on and hold accountability.

As the vaccine is approved and distributed, many companies are still working from home. This means that the continued isolation and remote working process, pivots the essentials needed for daily operations. There is a new style of work - and dress. In 2021, expect to still see an emphasis on athleisure and leisurewear. As we brace for winter, designer tracksuits, cozy home-wears and cozy knits are set to keep us warm.

So aside from masks becoming new fashion essentials, and occasionally even statements, what will be the revival of fashion in 2021?

People are craving human interaction and brand loyalty according to the CFDA. The brands that have been the most successful in 2020, were the ones who shifted the fashion dialogue. Brands who care about the environment, people, politics and their communities shone through the pandemic. Some brands leveraged digital tools, to welcome their audience into the virtual reality and worlds of the brands even if we are all at home. Designers are reviving fashion by analysing what people really want from fashion, and understanding how the consumers wants and needs have shifted when they no longer needed high fashion day to day.

We've seen incredible innovation and we can expect designers in 2021 to come up with solutions that focus on their consumer and their consumer's spending habits in 2021. 'normal' may look different, but it's definitely taking on a more local and conscious approach. So are you ready to be a part of the revival of fashion in 2021? Shop locally made designs from #girlboss designers at Clutch Bags, who are making locally in their region.

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