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5 thrift store fashionista looks

Have you ever been to a thrift store? These stores sell vintage clothes and accessories are a great option when looking for new pieces for your wardrobe. In addition to bringing unique and fashionista pieces for a cheaper price than the items that are sold in conventional stores, they also present a different shopping experience, making the consumer search for models that have more to do with their style of a much more fun way. Plus, you can find hidden treasures at thrift shops to enhance your own style essence - as these stores often have a huge variety of items and styles from many different brands & places.

Buying second-hand clothes is also an initiative that is linked to conscious consumption, since the pieces that are acquired, in addition to having personality and enhancing their look, also end up having a new owner instead of being discarded.

With fashion increasingly inspired by past decades & conscious consumerism becoming even more popular, thrift store-style looks are on the rise. We at Clutch Bags New York believe in having your own authentic style - that is why our items are limited & made to enhance your own aesthetic. With that in mind, the Clutch Bags NY team cruised through Beacon's Closet, one of our favorite thrift shops, and prepared some looks with thrifted clothes + our favorite upcycled accessories for you to check out!

Back to Black

Black is a classic - no one can deny it. We paired this cute bustier with a high waisted skirt for a sensual and feminine look. To keep it modern, we suggest adding our favorite Chain-link Necklace - made of upcycled deluxe handbag hardware, by the way - and our favorite Envelope Clutch.

Artsy Style

Looking for a fun & casual look? We have the perfect selection for you. Crop tops + high waisted jeans are our favorite pair. The clogs, the Chain-Link Round Lock Necklace and the Gray Denim Maxi Tote make sure to keep this style on point and ready to be worn during the day.

Silky delight

This silk shirt is an absolute find -- keep it classy & casual with jeans and the leather fold-over clutch. It is a timeless outfit for the cosmopolitan girls ready to explore the city.

Retro Love

This fun & retro inspired look is surely one of our favorites. The striped vest paired with the clogs have a modern look with our beloved denim bag + jeans combo.

Party look

A black dress never goes out of style -- that is the truth. That is why we picked this lovely dress and paired it with powerful heels and our lovely accessories to keep it romantic.


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