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  • Karyme Portilla

Accessorize for the occasion

It's officially Springtime! I'm not sure whether you guys are thrilled, but I'm delighted that the weather has finally changed and I can go for a stroll and take advantage of the warmer days. When the weather is so lovely outside, you don't have to worry about those gloomy winter days, as Spring is always quite soothing due to the mild temperatures. So mild, that outerwear can get edited down to little or nothing. This means your clothing choices for Spring will be more "seen" on the streets, so you can wear cute things, giving accessories some play as well. Clutches are always quite the popular handbag for Spring, so I thought I might share some thoughts and ideas about how to wear the Evening Clutch, both formally and casually in today's blog. Then you can try it at home or send me your feedback.



This first look is a cool tailored suit, quite popular at the moment, and I really like how it looks. This is the perfect attire if you want to look stylish and formal at the same time. A suit is always a good choice, especially one in a bold color. I must admit that pink isn't my favorite hue, but it looks wonderful in a suit. Normally, I'd wear it with a pair of high heels, but lately, low heels have become quite trendy. Obviously, you can alter it by changing the color of the suit, but if you want the ideal formal style for spring, this is the way to go. The evening clutch is the perfect accessory for this look. This sweet little Italian-printed lambskin bag will add some pop to the outfit's simplicity and make the whole look more lively.

Here are the links for the outfit!



If you prefer a more casual style, a midi to full-length cotton dress is an excellent choice for spring. I've been in love with long, flowing white dresses lately. Although I've never been a big fan, I recently bought one and have been wearing it nonstop. It's both comfortable and elegant. Since the dress is so simple, I love pairing chunky sandals with it to add an extra pop to the outfit. Even painting your nails a vibrant color will make the outfit look more put together. The evening clutch's simplicity and luxe feel, along with its small size, make it the ideal accessory for this outfit. The summer cotton dress just looks great and is the right look for so many activities. I know will be wearing this look nonstop this spring.

Here are the links for the outfit!


I hope the outfits I put together serve to inspire you with some fresh looks for Spring. You won't regret investing in them or recreating them by shopping at a sustainable site like THE REAL REAL, I assure you. Check out the evening clutch on our website; it looks great with any attire, any time of day. It is elegant and perfect.

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