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American made sustainability

In the age of Coronavirus, a lot of brands, small businesses and individuals in the fashion industry are starting to wonder what will solve our climate and sustainability problem? But for small fashion brands and emerging designers it's even more evident how much the industry is shifting, and how important inidvidual accountability is. What many people may be surprised by is how difficult it can actually be to enter the market of overseas production, especially in the current state of the world and the global economy.

With high minimum orders, long distance communication and slower production times, as well as delayed shipping, the market can be difficult to navigate. So smaller, local businesses and designers are compelled to create USA-based brands and seek out USA manufacturers. The key reasons for this are transparency, sustainability and to support local economies and bussinesses. But is domestic manufacturing more

sustainable? Experts think so. According to an article in the Guardian "US manufacturers are the world's most energy efficient."

US consumer sentiment for American made products has been increasing as consumers are more and more cautious and aware of both how they spend their money, and where they spend it. The challenges with shopping from somewhere is knowing it's Ametican made, how they keep things local, who is being the

manufacturing and understanding

locally sourced and sustainable materials.

That's why at Clutch Bags, we work with #girlboss designers who own a small business in the USA. They craft locally, often with Clutch Made Factory, so you know exactly how and where they are making. Then we tell you a bit more about them as designers and businesswomen. You can then shop all of their American Made products on our site.

We are introducing a new marketplace soon that features #girlboss designers making locally in their respective countries, so if you or someone you know sounds like a good fit email today for more info.

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