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Bag business in the age of coronavirus

Neil Stern writes in Forbes that retail in the age of Coronavirus is 'Unprecedented'. Online retail is booming as stores board up in New York City, and across the globe. With the trend of social distancing, lockdowns and isolation, online shopping is set to grow even more as consumers are spending less and less time in public. So with the retail market shifting to make money through entirely online transactions, how do we pivot bag businesses in the age of Coronavirus? Retail has already been on the decline before this Pandemic, so there is no surprise that shop front spaces are more empty than ever. Maybe it's the convenience of online shopping, or the way we now consumer media so quickly whether it's TikTok, reels or Instagram TV. Whatever the current trends may be, brands now more than ever need to stay ahead of the curve in technology,online shopability and socialmedia marketing strategies.

Bag businesses now are noticing that even shopping directly from a website is changing. With more and more shops on Facebook and Instagram, younger demographics are going straight to influencers and brands to shop the content they see. This makes it important for bag businesses of any size to have their shop front set up on social media. It's relatively easy to set up and makes for a convenient transaction between designer and consumer.

So how has Clutch Bags shifted, and how can your business shift with us? As you'll note, Clutch Bags Dot Com has always been an online marketplace. This has allowed us to push forward with technological trends and stay ahead of the retail market curve. With the ability to run product ads on Facebook, and set up shop on Instagram, we are more ready to sell bags of our #girlboss female designers than ever before. Marketing through social media platforms as well as email marketing, weekly blogs and collaborations has allowed us to reach new demographics and create exciting opportunities for our designers.

If you are a small bag business, that is female founded and makes in the USA now is your time to get ahead and stay ahead. Contact us today on Clutch Made Factory to find out more about our social media services, or if you are ready to get selling on our Clutch Bags platform for women, email today!

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24 de ago. de 2020

The article clearly shows how online shopping of bags have spread its wing in this pandemic.

Thank you for such vital information.

Keep Sharing.

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