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Bags for Every Lifestyle!

At #clutchbagsdotcom we bring you everything from lifestyle, trends and NYC happenings, to the best in #girlboss and #USA made accessories. Featuring #girlboss female designers who make in the USA, all the bags we sell are locally made, beautifully crafted and always chic. Based in NYC, our platform for women is all about being the best #girlboss you can be in the city, with the best accessories to match! So the team at #clutchbagsdotcom has curated a list of the essential bag shapes that suit different lifestyles and where you can buy them! Shop for yourself, or for your loved ones, this wrap-up is bound to have a little something for everyone and anyone!

If you're an on the go kind of person and in need of a super chich, yet practical bag, our CLUTCH NY bag if the perfect cross body for you. Streamline and chic, this bag is the perfect accessory for your every day needs in a monchromatic and stylish material pallate. From shopping to running errands, the crossbody will carry all your crucial must-haves without weighing you down.

The mail bag or messenger bag is the perfect accessory for the practical working #girlboss. She needs room to hold everything from a laptop to an umbrella whilst still looking chic. For easier access, make sure the messenger bag has smaller compartments for your wallet, cell phone, keys and metro card. This metallic CLUTCH NY piece is the perfect size and stylish fit for anything in your wardrobe.

The backpack from SHANA LUTHER is the perfect accessory for someone with an active lifestyle. This bag demands a hands-free lifestyle, making it easy to navigate your day with everything you need, all without having to lugg it around or carry in one hand. If you're looking for versatility and ease, this is the bag for you.

This ALLBYB Beach Bag is the perfect accessory or gift for a jet-setter. On your next tropical escape, this tote will act as a cute accessory AND a practical addition to your beach attire. For a trend-right look make sure your beach bag is decked out with pom-poms and tassels.

The Dress for Cocktails Clutch is one of our team favorites because it doubles as cross body! From dinner to dancing, this small bag that you clasp in your hand is a must for your evening looks or cocktail dinners.

Our CLUTCH NY Tote bag is the perfect wear-to-work bag that will hold your laptop, paperwork and so much more. Make sure your tote bag has smaller compartments for your all your loose change and smaller items—you don’t want to have to dig into an abyss for them.

Are you a #girlboss designer who makes in the USA? Do you know someone who has a #girlboss side hustle, all made in the USA? We are always looking for empowering and chic accessories to sell on our site, so join our team of designers today! Head to #clutchbagsdotcom to apply now.

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