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black friday exclusive bundle

In an article on the 36 ways to give and receive sustainably this holiday season, Vogue writes that the holidays are a time that can seriously wrench your sustainability plans. Even if you use a reusable coffee cup all year round, or haven't touched a plastic bag in years, the holidays can seem to be a never ending field of consumption and waste. The sheer number of gifts you may need to buy can make conscious shopping difficult.

Firstly, there is the carbon footprint of shopping online, from mass-production, to shipping. But aside from the obvious environmental impacts, you may also be thinking about the social and ethical impacts of your purchases this holiday season. Vogue wrote a comical line in their article that talked about an ideal world where everyone could gift each other expensive ethically designed sweaters, and recycled diamond rings. But we understand that the more sustainable a gift, the more expensive it often is.

That's why the team at #clutchbagsdotcom have decided to release our brand new Black Friday special, available through November. You can now shop our brand new Denim Maxi Tote and denim mask bundle for just $85, valued at over $100!

So why shop this bundle? Our Clutch NY Designer Laura Dotolo, has designed with our #clutchmadefactory team, the perfect bundle. Our denim maxi tote is versatile in its materiality, whilst still being incredibly stylish and functional. It's perfect for your friend or loved one who is always on the go. The mask is comfortable, practical and makes for a great matching accessory moment.

Not only is the bundle stylish and practical, it's also ethically, locally and sustainably made in the USA. American Made products with #clutchmade are manufactured in our New York City factory, with high quality, locally sourced materials, by local artisans and craftsmen. Our product was also designed and created by a #girlboss designer team! So not only are you supporting small business, the US economy and American made products, you're also supporting female designers who are making and designing locally!

You can shop our bundle for a loved one here, or take a look at our other new Maxi Totes and Masks!


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