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Buying Local This Holiday Season

We all know that shopping this holiday season and in the future will be forever altered, but how are Americans really shopping? With COVID and the new social distancing era, Americans are hesitant to shop at brick-and-mortar stores, so online shopping will continue to grow as it has been in the last few years. According to Global News Wire, when they do shop they will be more inclined this year to shop local. 66% of shoppers in their survey said they plan to shop at more local businesses.

So what does it mean to shop local this holiday season? Shopping locally at #clutchbagsdotcom is not just supporting our local business as a #girlboss run platform, it is also supporting emerging female designers, their teams and their businesses. Furthermore, as all of our designers make locally, they are supporting local craftsmen, local suppliers, local business, their local economy and contributing to more sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. When you shop one of our bags on our site, you can think of all of the craft, detail, time and locally sourced high quality materials and hardware that went into each accessory.

You can check out our latest November holiday Thanksgiving edit and gift guide on our last blog, but if you want the perfect gift for your trendy, fashionable, friend or loved one, look no further than our Clutch Bags Gift Card. This flexible option makes shopping for christmas easy, simple and allows the recipient to select the perfect gift, a locally made accessory they will have forever. Shop the gift card here!

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