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A big takeaway from 2021 in America, is that the regular and mundane became our new normal. As we socially distanced, isolated and came to a stood still, we were forced to take the regular and reinvent it.

So in lieu of a new Pinterest article on their 2021 predictions, the team at #clutchbagsdotcom was inspired to create a blog on our own predictions for the season.

When the world is shaken and nothing is considered to be 'normal', fashion evidently reacts the same. There is no 'new normal' for the SS21 season. Instead, 'normal' has been thrown off the shelves, and in its place a bright look at the future and the trends that emerged in 2020.

In 2020, it was evident people were prioritising comfort and wearability. Things that suited working from home, but that were also office meeting via Zoom appropriate. In 2021, athleisure is still ever present, it is just elevated. Whether it's paired with a new nail trend, or a bright and bold accessory, 'regular' athleisure is being reinvented.

As people looked inward in 2021, we will also see a plethora of individual and unique styles, where fashion and what we wear at home becomes an expression of how we are thinking, feeling and doing. Whether this is bringing spirituality, astrology, meditation or creativity into their style, individuality is set to grow exponentially in 2021.

Speaking of creative and individual freedom, being bold has never been as trendy. Not even bold in the sense of just standing out, but being bold to be oneself and take ownership of our individual interests and passions. Whether it's a style, and accessory, a company, a podcast or a ritual, in 2021 more than ever there is space for embracing it!

And finally, accessories for 2021 are bold, bright, unique and 'aesthetic'. No matter what your aesthetic may be, your home and accessories will reflect this for Spring. People expressing themselves through the visual identities they are drawn to will be huge. So grab your hottest and brightest accessory that just fits your vibes right now, or shop #locally made designs from #girlboss designers at Clutch Bags.

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