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Clutch Travelogue: An Adventure Trip to Morroco

Last Summer, I decided to embark on a new adventure: traveling to Morroco! Morroco is known for its exceptional atmosphere, merging unique crafts with beautiful nature spots. When it comes to Morroco, you can spend an entire month there if you want as there is so much to see and plenty of tourist attractions for you to visit. Check out my tips about what to visit in Morroco, plus the must-have bag that was with me for the entire adventure!

Visit Chefchaouen

the blue city

The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited in my entire life was, certainly, Chefchaouen, the blue city. It is located in northwest Morocco and is noted for its buildings in shades of blue. Nowadays, the city is known as “The Blue Pearl”.

Every day, tourists are attracted to Chefchaouen because of its natural landscapes and historical monuments. If you ever went to Morroco, Chefchaouen is a city you need to visit.

Get to know the local handicrafts

Morroco has a lot of tourist cities – such as Chefchaouen, Fez,and Marrakesh, where small little stalls or shops sell local handicraft work like items of local clothing, handmade jewelry and wallets, shoes, and of course bags. Morroco has a historical relationship with their leatherwork that can still be found around the city with different little shops.

In addition to that, another cultural characteristic of Morroco is the temporary tattoos. They are beautiful and delicate when done on your skin– try one and dive into the culture!

Visit the Sahara Desert

Last but not least, the most famous part of flying to North Africa is visiting the Sahara Desert. There are special tourist camps that are available so you can stay the night in the desert, and sleep under the brightness of the stars.

Just a warning: the hottest it gets is during the day and the coldest of temperatures you will get at night. In the desert, temperatures can be high in the morning, but low in the evening. Remember to always bring a jacket with you!

Versatile and stylish: the best travel bag ever!

During my trip to Morroco, the only clutch I carried every day and took with me everywhere I went, was the Coin Clutch!

Its size is perfect to hold my wallet, cellphone, lipstick, and tissues, which was everything I needed during the trip of touring around.

Moreover, the bag is classic and functional, complementing everything I brought with me to wear. For those of you who read this blog until the end, we have a special secret: The Coin Clutch will cost only $55 if you use the pre-Black Friday code “BLACK55” right now and get a start on your holiday shopping.

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