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CLutch Versus crossbody

With our latest campaign #clutchblue on #clutchbagsdotcom the team that is your favorite #girlboss site decided to look at two iconic summer styles, to weigh in on which one is the perfect buy for summer, or if they're equally as stylish and practical for long, warm NYC days. These two styles are arguably both great for the summer, but we will let you decide for yourself using our comparison below.

Let's start with weight, size, versatility, style and materials. The clutch has always been a well known style for going out, hitting the town and looking elegant with any outfit in your wardrobe. The clutch in weight is effortlessly light, easy to carry around and seamless to hold ergonimically. It is often small enough to fit into the hand, or to smugly be held in a single hand. With this being said, one downside to clutches is often their size, or lack there-of of room for all accessories and things you may need for a night out. Whilst they are practical to not have to take away from an outfit or distract from a formal night out, they can all lack versatility in their ability to hold multiple ways. That being said, clutches are probably the single most iconic shape and the styles of clutches on the market today are forever evolving, changing and developing so you have plenty of options! Clutches also come in a plethora of colours, patterns, prints and materials.

A crossbody on the other hand is often heavier, and bulkier than a clutch. Naturally it has more room, but subsequently will be heavier. The size will allow you to fit more, which will contribute to the weight of the bag. There are a variety of styles that play on the size of a crossbody, this means there are smaller ones that you can use daily, or larger ones if you have more to carry around in. Crossbody bags are fairly versatile in that you can style them in a few different ways due to their straps, as well as adding additional straps. And of course, there are a variety of styles prints and more.

Who is to say which is better, they both have their benefits for different occasions. We love both, and have a few options you can shop now HERE. Support your local #girlboss designers today and pick your favorite #clutch #crossbody.

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