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#clutchbags girlboss: Rylie Cooke

Currently studying at Parsons school of design, Australian born Rylie Cooke flew home from NYC to Brisbane to quaratine with her family. Working for Clutch Made and Clutch Bags as social media project manager, she balances school work with other freelancing gigs and her own small business she's starting up this summer. Looking up to #girlboss women like Laura Dotolo and the other #clutchbagsgirlbosses she works with, she shared her tips and tricks to a successful #selfisolation as well as some great book recommendations.

Please introduce yourself and your brand.

I'm Rylie Cooke and I am an Integrated design student at Parsons, working in fashion PR and current social media project manager at #clutchmadedotcom and #clutchbagsdotcom

What has brought you balance and routine during isolation?

I balance work, creativity, relaxation, study and self care in a few different ways. My daily routine is sacred to me, so I wake up early, workout virtually with a friend, get dressed and walk to have a coffee with my family. After my morning routine I outline my goals and to dos for the day in my planner. I'll check my emails over breakfast and spend the rest of the day focussed on each project, with creative breaks or reading breaks in between. At the end of the day I really embrace self care through sitting down with my family for dinner, having some wine and enjoying my skin care routine.

What is inspiring your productivity and creativity during this time?

I think for me planning is very important. I plan out my day by priorities so that I can balance work and relaxation. During my 'relax' or 'creative' time I will look to Instagram or pinterest for inspiration on things I can be making, such as a naturally dyed silk scrunchie or baking some meringues! I have also started my own small skincare balm during this time so having a creative passion project to fall back on has also been really rewarding.

Do you have any recommendations for books/films/tv shows/instagram accounts that you are loving right now?

Absolutely - there's so many to mention! I loved reading 'My Year of Rest and Relaxation', 'Untamed' and am about to start 'Convenience Store Woman' and 'Exciting Times'. My netflix list includes Normal People, Unorthodox, Hollywood and an old favorite - New Girl.

What two words of advice would you give to a #girlboss who is a bit overwhelmed right now?

Do not feel like you have to be constantly happy, producing or creative during this time. We are in a Pandemic helloooo! If you feel that pressure, maybe take some time away from social media. My second piece of advice would be to take time for you. This is the first time we may have in our lives to actually look internally and be alone with ourselves more than we usually would. Use it wisely to assess your happiness, your passions, your inspirations, your values and remember to take care of yourself through self love routines and rituals.

Quickfire questions:

New York City or your hometown?

Mmm New York City, but I'll come home to Australia one day.

Clutch or cross body?

Cross body - need that wearability and versatility with outfits.

Heels or sneakers?

Sneakers for sure - always running around in New York.

Mornings or evenings?

I am definitely a morning person!

Books or movies?


#girlboss or #bossbabe?


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