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#clutchbags girlboss Laura Dotolo

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

With over thirty years experience in the world of fashion, design and accessories, there's no greater #bossbabe than Laura Dotolo. Founder and owner of #clutchbagsdotcom and #clutchmadefactory Laura knows a thing or two about building successful brands and creating marketable accessories in the USA. She's helped other #girlboss women set up their own brands and continues to create a space for women who design and make accessories in the USA.

Currently isolating in New York, we sat down [virtually] with Laura and asked her all about her isolation and how she's staying creative and productive, juggling her businesses remotely. Here's what we found out...

Please introduce yourself and your brand.

Laura Dotolo - managing Principal at Clutch Bags LLC and designer of the brand Clutch NY

How do you balance being a #girlboss designer in your schedule?

I balance being a girlboss in my schedule by taking the time to work with my team and our clients, and being extremely present in body and mind when doing so.

I really enjoy what I do and I enjoy working with my awesome team on the business.  I enjoy their energy and find it inspirational, as well as contagious.  I also enjoy working with clients, listening to their ideas and working with them to make their ideas come to life. That is really what a true maker is.

What are you doing to stay productive and creative during isolation?

I am really trying to use this valuable time to balance my personal and professional life a bit more. It feels great to have more time to work with during the day—other than commuting, running errands, going to the gym and running around. I think the business is really being tested right now as a platform that is able to operate remotely as well as physically.  Our team of designers and makers have transitioned smoothly into this temporary state of being. I think we are all thankful that we still have work to focus on---which feels good.

Do you have any recommendations for books/films/tv shows/instagram accounts etc that are inspiring you right now?

Oh yes!  Jumped onto the app Tik Tok, started playing word games and scrabble, watched After Life on Netflix-love! Started Down Dog yoga app everyday and love having yoga so accessible—don’t think I will be doing the gym any longer!  And I absolutely love, love the sister dance team  that I follow on Instagram - Norah Yarah Rosa Mukanga - great energy!!!!!

Quickfire questions:

New York City or your hometown?

Used to be NYC Pre COVID—now it is my hometown

Clutch or cross body?


Heels or sneakers?


Mornings or evenings?


Books or movies?


Girlboss- without a doubt---:)

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