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Empowered Urban Women: the Character of Clutch Bags NY


Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City
Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

Confident, empowered, classy...if Clutch Bags NY were a character, it would certainly be she. How could it not? Women are versatile and adaptable – women are ready for any challenge that life might get us into.

Women are independent, and we set our journeys on our path. This empowers us. We can look the way we want, and style our future the way we desire. Clutch Bags NY is inspired by two awesome NY characters who we feel reflect our brand's spirit.

The Carrie Bradshaw character 

The iconic Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City – now she is a CB woman! Such a fascinating, adventuresome character, with an authentic personality. She lives in the heart of New York City and is never intimidated by any encounter. Her friends are her loves – they are life partners for urban travels, weekend trips, or drink nights.  

When speaking about style – Carrie is one of the most stylishly memorable characters on American TV. With an unrealistically abundant wardrobe and unique style, she provides us with the best of fashion. Voluminous skirts are the item of clothing she uses to express herself the most, always enhancing every look with gorgeous accessories.


The Rachel Green


Can you believe that the show Friends ended ten years ago? It’s still relatable to anyone who enjoys watching the urban way of life. If we had to think about one of the Friends characters to match with CBNY, with no doubt we would bet on Rachel Green. 

Rachel Green from Friends
Rachel Green from Friends

A young woman, on a journey to rediscover herself and be independent in the middle of NYC – what could be more Clutch Bags than this setting? Moreover, Rachel never let her style slide. Classic, feminine, and charming. We do understand Ross’ crush, right? Ms. Green will love having a CB to match any of her looks, anywhere she goes! 


Clutch a Bag to Build Yourself a Story

Carrie and Rachel are inspirational characters when it comes to fashion and independent urban women – who also love NYC! What about starting your own stories with a Clutch in Hand? Check out our selection of Italian leather bags by clicking HERE and shop now! 



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