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empowering local businesses

The team at Clutch Bags is always dedicated to bringing you the latest in American fashion and style. This week we decided to bring you a #girlboss guide to empowering other women through the accessories you purchase and wear.

With everything going on in the world it's important now more than ever to suppport our local businesses and in turn support local designers, artists, artisans, our econony and promote sustainability in our communities.

So how can the accessories we adorn ourselves with actually make a difference in the lives and equal opportunity of women? All of our accessories on #clutchbagsdotcom are curated to represent and showcase #girlboss designers who make in the #usa. When you shop our site you are directly supporting those designers and their brand.

We wanted to highlight some of our amazing products by our designers and hope that you can support our local business and support them in turn. Why? Because it's so easy to overlook how fortunate we are as women in #nyc and we must come together as a community at this time to support and empower our local communities and crafts-women. It is our responsibility as consumers of fashion to empower other women and wear our accessories with pride knowing they made a difference. Check our our Spring 2020 favorite accessories below and #shop today!

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