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Girl boss of the moment: lana

Lana, or Lana the cowboy as she's officially known by 39.3K followers on instagram, is the female founder behind Orseund Iris. The brand's cult following includes influencers from @devonleecarlson to @matildadjerf but what the team at Clutch Bags loves best about this cult cool-girl brand is the craftsmanship and locality of all of their pieces. Designed in a studio space in Brooklyn, the team behind the brand is small and curated. The pieces are made by hand and designed with scandinavian simplicity and chicness. They're elevated staples that will long outlast trends, poorly made clothes and impulse buys. This brand, and the designer Lana, truly embody sustainable, slow-making fashion that is successful and beautiful.

Lana shares her #girlboss work ethic and lifestyle through her personal instagram, often dropping hints or sketches to new designs, or showcasing how she would style the new pieces.

So what does that have to do with the team at #clutchbagsdotcom and how you can you find the perfect #lanainspired accessories this spring? Our curated shop allows us to create space for, and empower, emerging female designers who work in the USA. Our talented female designers sell with us on our site and become a part of our community through our support, praise and recognition both physically and online!

We love highlighting #girlboss moments like Land nad Orseund Iris, so we are here to help you shop our latest accessories, to suit Devon's #girlboss style. Shop the latest below and be inspired by this #girlboss moment of the month.

So do you want to join us #girlbosses today? Contact us on #clutchbagsdotcom to find out how. You can also support these female designers by shopping their latest products on the site.

WE take our designers from making to selling with us. If you are already a designer making in the USA and are looking to sell your accessories thru different online venues, then awesome! Check us out--we want to hear from you and take a look at what you are making--because we want to sell your accessories on We add that extra value by working with you in getting started as a designer by stepping you through the process of making marketable accessories in the USA by designing and manufacturing with us at Clutch Made.

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