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Holiday Planning Checklist

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

The bustling holiday season is in full swing, as we shop for Christmas presents, plan holiday gatherings, and prepare our homes for guests. We've made this simple-to-use printable Holiday checklist to keep everything — and everyone — organized as we enter such a hectic time.

How to use it:

  • Create a Holiday Calendar: Organize your holiday calendar so you can stay on track for all your Christmas preparations. Be sure to list out any family dinners, work parties and any other Holiday events so you can have a good understanding of what days will be free to accomplish some of your important planning tasks.

  • Create a Gift List: Make a list of everyone you want to purchase gifts for. In this printable document, you'll be able to set your budget and make sure all of your loved ones get a gift this year.

  • Plan gifts: Get ahead of the game and begin ordering presents that must be purchased online by using our gift planner - make sure to check out our gift suggestions so you can shop the perfect accessories for your favorite people on your Holiday list. When shopping online, it is best that you order early, since products may take a long time to arrive.

  • Holiday outfit planning: Plan your outfits throughout the Holidays with our holiday outfit planner. We'll give you some tips on which accessories to wear and how to create the perfect outfits during this jolly season - the best part is that you'll also get an exclusive code to get our accessories for a special holiday price before Christmas gets here.

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