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How to pack for a Weekend Trip

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Weekend trips may seem like they’re the easiest to pack for, but oftentimes the shortest trips can become the biggest challenges. So if you’re ready to go on a weekend getaway and are not sure what to bring, we got you!

Our packing list is all you need to stay stylish while you have fun and enjoy your getaway! We included the essential items you need to create different outfits and keep stylish & comfortable. Pick your favorite travel bag and get ready to relax!

Here’s an ideal list of clothes to pack for a weekend trip:

  • 2-3 shirts/tanks

  • 2 shorts/skirts

  • 1 dress

  • 1 pair of pants

  • 1 statement accessory — our favorites are the Chainlink Necklaces

  • An all-bag like the Cash & Carry

  • 1 set of pajamas

  • 3 pairs of underwear

  • 1 light jacket

  • 1 pair of sandals

  • 1 pair of sneakers

  • 1 (optional) swimsuit

  • 1 (optional) pair of heels or fancy shoes

You can also consider packing a night out look, depending on what your plans might be. We all know that dressing up (especially if you don’t have to) can feel like the ultimate form of self-care. There’s nothing like feeling your best when you’re out to enjoy the evening!

If you want to jazz up your outfits, remember to carry the right accessories! A statement necklace, like the Chain-link Necklace, can make any outfit pop up - and the best part is that it won’t take up too much space inside your luggage. You can also bring a multi-purpose bag (spoiler alert: the Cash & Carry is perfect for that), so you can use the same bag for different occasions.

So, start packing your bags and enjoy the rest of the summer! Make sure to check our shop page and shop the best accessories all year long!

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kilka sdaf2
Dec 15, 2023

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