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How to style the crossbody

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

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This week, Rylie Cooke, social media project manager for #clutchbagsdotcom sat down to tell us how she styles the crossbody bag. Keep reading to learn more about styling crossbody bags for the new spring season.

Let's start by talking about the iconic cross bod style. From weight, size, versatility, style and material, we can learn more about how to wear and style this effortless bag silhouette. A crossbody is often heavier, and bulkier than a clutch. Naturally it has more room, but subsequently will be heavier. The size will allow you to fit more, which will contribute to the weight of the bag. There are a variety of styles that play on the size of a crossbody, this means there are smaller ones that you can use daily, or larger ones if you have more to carry around in. Crossbody bags are fairly versatile in that you can style them in a few different ways due to their straps, as well as adding additional straps. And of course, there are a variety of styles prints and more.

So let's talk about how @rylie_cookie styles the cross body bags she loves.

The first bag we have is our CLUTCH NY glasses pouch. This crossbody is perfect for the spring when paired with a cotton or linen dress. The metallic and interchangeable strap make it bright, bold and fun enough for the season, whilst still being practical. In the second picture, Rylie wears a Coach crossbody, paired in a colder weather appropriate fashion, with a leather jacket, jeans and boots. Wrapping the crossbody over the scarf keeps everything in place, and shows off your bag! Finally, Rylie wears our SOLTEK Chantilly bag, perfect for dressing up or dressing down. It can be a little sleek and sexy to pair a black crossbody with white, we definitely recommend this look for Spring and Summer!

Support your local #girlboss designers today and pick your favorite #clutch or #crossbody. Or if you're ready to start selling YOUR product with us today, just email or head to Clutch Bags Dot Com.

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May 21, 2021

Very nice

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