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how to style: The fall mini bag

We all know by now the mini bag or 'under the shoulder' is the bag of the season. From the runway to the streets of New York City, let's take a look at how to style this latest accessory trend, published everywhere from Vogue to Marie Claire.

1. Carry by the strap

We love a mini bag with a good strap, and being able to fling this over your wrist, or hold it in your hand is effortless and chic. The Clutch Bags team loves our leopard print cash & carry for the fall season.

2. Over the shoulder

Over the shoulder is the classic cross body silhouette. It's practical, still stylish and better yet you can add any of our detachable accessories to the cash & carry.

3. Under the shoulder

Under the shoulder is probably our favorite way to wear this fall accessory. With our Cash & Carry you could wear it under the shoulder with our material strap, or you can use the chain attachment to wear under the shoulder!

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