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how to wear bright accessories this spring

If there is ever a time to be bright and be bold, it's during spring, when the sky is blue and the fashions and colourful. There is an air to spring that is refreshing, exciting and long-awaited. So when the season finally does roll around - how do you dress for? Post pandemic, we might struggle even more than usual to revive our wardrobes from monochrome to rainbow.

That's why the team at #clutchbagsdotcom sat down this week to explore what's trending in fashion, from the best spring accessories to how to pair them with your wardrobe.

Let's take a look at how you can pair accessories with the latest in fashion.From slip dresses to slippers, here's how to wear bright accessories this Spring.

First up,

slippers and printed clutches. Everyone owns a pair of slippers that are just perfect for around the house and for the spring season. They're breathable, light weight and fun for spring weather. They are the perfect pairing to a more elegant clutch, as long as you keep the clutch as bold as the shoes! The bolder the better.


we have bright masks with brighter accessories! The cotton, patchwork kind of homemade bright mask look is taking over for spring. Pair it with a gorgeous woven, knitted or rattan bag that screams summer.

Third on our list,

chunky beaded necklaces with a colourful, but muted bag. Freshwater pearls, and beads are around everybody's declotage this season. This accessory trend pairs perfectly with a crossbody that is bright, but still neutral.

and finally,

we have the classic slip dress for summer. Light, classic, wearable and bright, the silk slip is a staple in anyones wardrobe. Pair a slip with a slightly chunkier accessory, like this crossbody. The pop of colour and chain will pair well with the laid back silhouette of the slip.

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