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How to wear color for spring

In celebration of the start of Spring, and the launch of our monthly campaign, the team at #clutchbagsdotcom brings you the latest on how to wear color for Spring 2021. As we say hello to our Spring accessory edit on Clutch Bags, we wrapped the three key color ways and trends that we are seeing by the likes of Vogue Runways, being blasted into the trend sphere. Keep reading to find out more about these three key trends, how to wear them and don't forget to shop our curation of Spring accessories on Clutch Bags.

Let's talk about check. This spring, the must have item is the checkered knit. It feels vintage, weather appropriate, working from home appropriate, but still spring appropriate with its bold and brightness. Pair your checks with an equally as bright and bold bag to make the ultimate wardrobe statement, we recommend the combo below which you can shop here.

Our second spring color to try with our Clutch Bags #girlboss accessories, is the idea of introducing color into a minimalist wardrobe. Even the most minimal of wardrobes can contain beautiful colors and tones. Pale hues like buttery yellows and muted pastels, allow colour into a wardrobe in a very minimalist mindset. Pair monochrome accessories in a beige or neutral color and pair with minimalist colours, or add just a pop of color with a lipstick or earring.

Our third and final color way for this spring? Color blocking! It was evident in the spring and resort collections of 2021, that color blocking is making a huge comeback and very bright statement. Pair your color blocked looks with more muted and classic accessories, like our Eve Mask from Clutch NY, you can shop it here.

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