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How to wear the uber tote

From mini bag to uber tote, the trends of the season may seem like they're always changing, but we think the uber tote is here to stay. If you're no stranger to the streets of NYC right now, you'll see every cool girl walking through Chelsea and Soho with their uber tote. Not only is it a SS21 trend according to Vogue, but it's also perhaps one of the most practical and utilitarian bag styles.

Why? Well the name kind of suggests it, but anything uber sized is set to hold a lot of stuff! And if you're a cool girl running around the streets of NYC, you need space for anything - you never know what the day is going to throw at you! The uber tote can take you from a morning brunch with just your phone, keys, wallet and sunglasses, to a Trader Joes grocery run or shopping day. There's space for your to stash shopping purchases, groceries, your laptop and more! So let's check out how street style cool girls are styling their uber totes below.

You can shop the Clutch NY uber tote on Clutch Bags Dot Com, made by female designer, sustainably and ethically in the USA. Here it's styled for a summer day - ready to hold anything and is perfect for taking you from day to night.

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