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introducing the avenue bag

The team at Clutch Bags dot com is super excited to introduce our newest addition to Clutch Bags Dot com... The Avenue Bag. This bag is designed by Leslie Dasch, the woman and #girlboss behind Dress for Cocktails.

As a lifestyle expert, author and former love coach, Leslie Dasch has spent years guiding other to romanticise their life. Now, she designs fun, playful cocktail bags and accessories. From the classic cocktail Clutch, Leslie Dasch has developed and built her brand, and Clutch Bags couldn't be happier having her products on our marketplace.

Grab The Avenue and hit the town! The Avenue Bag is incredibly versatile. With both the ability to interchange adornments, The Avenue comes with 2 straps, one with matching fabric and gold clasp and a gold and acrylic combination link chain. So whether your strolling Park or Worth, The Avenue is your darling must-have accessory.

Each Avenue bag comes with a chain. The White/Gold Chain comes with the Fawn and Lilac bags. The White/Yellow chain comes with the Gold Shimmer and Butter Boucle bags.

The team at Clutch Bags is seeing the under the arm, mini bag trend all over New York City, so we are thrilled to have this cute on-the-go style added to our marketplace!

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