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is 202o the rebirth of the handbag?

Is 2020 the death or rebirth of the handbag? It would seem that season after season, Jacquemus inspired micro bags grace the runways. So was 2020 truly the death of the handbag, or was it the year that we realised more than ever the utilitarian nature of the ladybag? NYT wrote an interesting piece this week on the 'Once and Future Handbag'. The article looked at the decline of the handbag in 2020, mostly due to social isolation, and the lower need for loaded handbags, as more and more people worked from home. What was the point of a handbag if no one could go out anywhere other than to Wholefoods, Trader Joes and for a daily walk? Handbag sales fell, fashion shifted, and everything we consumed was now online.

People started questioning fashion, consumption, and whether they needed anything other than some monochromatic sweats and loungewear sets. But even when we were lounging around at home, not having anywhere to go, when we did get that chance to venture outside or see friends, accessories were our way of bringing colour and positivity back into our outfits. Masks became a statement, bold accessories played a huge role in the dressing up of casual, dressed-down wardrobes. Even when we might not have much to carry, the Pandemic still called for a place to store the essentials. We had to hold hand sanitizer and masks alongside any essentials like wallet, keys and phone. So what may seem like the decline of the handbag, actually became the rebirth of meaningful and important accessories. Not just to brighten an outfit, but to carry the essentials.

Bags that are practical, bold and stylish are in. Styles that have more utilitarian purposes are having a mini-moment. 2020 has actually been the rebirth of handbags, but reminded us that styles with practicality and boldness in mind will be the future. Think oversized, roomy tote bags, practical but stylish crossbody bags and more.

You can shop our latest accessories from #clutchbagsdotcom below, including some of our team favorites that emphasise the rebirth of the handbag in 2020.

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