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Calling all designers making locally in the USA or internationally, we have an exciting new opportunity for you! At the end of 2020 we are launching a new section of our #girlboss platform Clutch Bags Dot Com. As the landscape of retail and shopping changed in 2020, we decided to take a look at what was happening around the world. Turns out there are a plethora of designers and brands who are following the concept of making locally with an emphasis on ethical and sustainabke production.

On Clutch Bags currently we empower our community of women to sell their USA made accessories. We offer them a platform and space for their story and product. But it's also so much more than that. We do everything we can to provide a sense of #girlboss community and all of our designers also receive real estate on our blogs, mailers, in our newsletters, and through our social media Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Our new marketplace will be a very curated reflection of these values, with international designers who rotate on our page. You'll have your own online pop up space, with your location, picture, story and featured products. One of the best parts? Firstly we don't take commission from any sales, so you'll just pay an up front set up fee. Second, you'll receive marketing benefits from social media, IGTV to podcasts and email marketing.

So are you ready to get selling? Please feel free to send us questions, submissions or thoughts to and we can have you set up on our site!

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