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NYC fashion week trends

As #newyorkfashionweek for 2020 warms up for the 6th of February, we are looking ahead to the trends that you'll find, both on and off the runway. New York City fashion week is a huge event for designers, photographers, fashion influencers, models and all those involved in the production of each show. With the iconic city skyline as the backdrop, fashion week brings to life the trends you'll see in stores the next season and how to curate your wardrobe accordingly.

The team at #clutchbagsdotcom has curated what trends we think you'll be seeing on the runway this week. Trends this season will range from big and bold, voluminous tent dresses and bubble skirts to puffed shoulder details, patchwork cool and #girlboss modern tailoring. Florals for Spring and Summer of course, and all details that are full of joy and brightness.

The first trend we are so happy is coming back into the fashion world is the iconic patchwork. Except this time they're elevating it to be extra chic. Think oversized coats, mismatched colors and materials and unique, eccentric pieces, head-to-toe patchwork.

A personal favorite in the #clutchbags office, puffed sleeves hits the streets. This iconic and bold look says elegance and #girlboss at the same time. Either paired back in an organza material or loud in a more heavy-duty fabric, this look is not for the faint hearted, it truly makes a statement. And we love it!

Maybe the most predictable, this trend seems to re-emerge every Spring/Summer season. And it's not hard to understand why. This season however, florals come back bolder and brighter. Think larger scaled prints, bolder patterns and contrasting colors.

Of course there is always a #girlboss moment in fashion seasons. This year's is all about the chic and modern tailoring of iconic pieces. Think suits tailored in fresh and empowering ways, beautiful silhouettes and new bold fabrics. Naturally this is another favorite in the #clutchbagsooffice.

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