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nyc mask - style

The New York Times came out with an article called Fashion and The Mask. This timely piece looked at how everything from street style to fashion week has evolved with the implementation of madatory face coverings. What is something very utilitarian in nature, can and has been transformed for people to express themselves, their outfit and their communication to the world with the lack of facial expressions available. These face coverings that are helping to curb the spread of coronavirus have quickly been embraced and beautified in the fashion world to brighten and uplift people's perceptions of our new world and daily lives.

Masks may still feel like an unusual part of our daily routine, one that inhibits u or reminds us that the world is a changed and changing place. But they can also be an opportunity for us to express ourselves and create unique moments of joy where there otherwise wouldn't be. The team at Clutch Bags Dot Com have curated a selection of mask-styles that we love as well as pairing some of our latest accessories alongside the looks so you can macth your mask to your accessories and have the convenience of a hands-free day in NYC or wherever you are in the USA. Chck out our curation below.`


Including our Clutch Bags Dot Com Girl on the Go Crossbody and Kiss Clutch


Including our Clutch Bags Dot Com Phone Pouch and Glasses Pouch


Including our Clutch Bags Dot Com Chantilly fold over clutch and Signature Tote

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