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quilt for fall

Quilted is the hottest new word in the fashion world. If you haven't been inundated with quilted jackets, bags and more on the Instagram explore page, this blog is for you, and if you have, this blog is still for you. Whether it's a monotone quilt or a re-worked jacket, some from pieced together quilts and materials, the hottest new material trend is taking the runway and the streets by storm. While there are designers like Prada quilting their Fall collections, there are many cool vintage and independent upcyclers who are similarly devloping quilted products.

What the team at #clutchbagsdotcom loves the most is how comfortable, versatile and long-lasting this trend is. It's not too bright or obnoxious that it'll go out of style but it's trend oriented enough to last and make you have fun with your wardrobe. It's also a trend that you can embrace wholeheartedly with a large quilted coat, or take a hint of with a clutch or some heels. Because of the versatility, this style will always go with the other trend pieces in your wardrobe and can add a good touch of texture and visual interest to your fit. We also love that it reminds us of our quilted bed, so even if we are working from home and just running out for groceries, we are still comfortable and looking chic at the same time.

So how can you pair your vintage or new quilted pieces with some #girlboss owned and made American goodies? Follow our style tips below for the perfect styled up quilt for fall moment.

1.the casual quilt

pair quilted sweats with a statement bag from Clutch NY

2.the vintage quilt

pair a vintage quilted jacket with a monochrome or matching accessory from soltek

3.the patterned or reworked quilt

pair your patterned quilt with a classic black clutch from shana luther

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