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Let's sell your bags

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

With our latest campaign on #clutchbagsdotcom looking for women and fellow #girlboss designers to win a set up on our site, we wanted to sit down with the team to discuss how selling with us benefits our community and quality of life. There has never been a more pertinent time to discuss inequality and all the ways in which consumerism and our trends of making are impacting our empowerment as American citizens. We have always been so proud to make, and sell in the USA, all whilst supporting local economies, sustainability and emerging designers. But now more than ever we have realized the value of making local, shopping local and contributing locally.

When you sell with us on our platform, you are joining a community of like-minded and ambitious individuals and designers. Their brands represent community and local and their vision for the future is all about American Made. It's also a huge benefit to you and your brand, with your own page set up on our site, with your wonderful products being featured with trending accessories and other #girlboss emerging designers. Help us help you with so many benefits to our community of people, give back a little by selling with us today.

So if you haven't entered our contest yet, now is the time to #sendusyourbagbusiness and you could be live on our site tomorrow, be featured in our blogs, mailers, newsletters AND on our Instagram and Facebook - all without a set up fee! DM us on instagram or email

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