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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

It seems we are in a transitional period of time right now in the USA. With everything happening within our systems, it's hard to not look, listen and learn. It's so important for our team, now more than ever to support our fellow Americans, as well as the designers who work so hard to make in the USA and keep their country proud and the economy afloat.

As a facilitator for #girlboss designers and our broader #nyc community, we want to speak to these issues and empower our fellow designers in anyway we can. Working with so many different designers with different ideas, from different backgrounds all across the USA has developed our community and connections. This month, our campaign for change will empower other designers not on our platform to share with us their bag business.

How can you get involved? Send us your bag business today, and you can be up on our site tomorrow, we will even waive the set up fees! Why is this such a great opportunity for #girlboss designers to be on #clutchbagsdotcom? Well not only are you alongside other female designers, you are also featured on our blogs, in our mailers and through social media where we highlight the best female designers making in the USA alongside tips, trends and all things fashion and #USA style.

Being on our site is a great way to sell you bag business, but it's also a great well to sell your brand beyond just product. At #clutchbagsdotcom we stand for more than just selling retail bags, we stand for making in the USA and empowering all women to showcase and be proud of their small businesses and passions.

So how can you submit your bags business? Either email your business to or head to our instagram @clutchbagsny and send us a DM today!

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