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Shop America: 5 Reasons to Include Local Items on Your Holiday Shopping List

It's that time of year again: the holiday season is just around the corner and people are scouring their shopping lists for ideas. This year, we think you should shop different and buy locally made products! There are some great reasons why it's worth taking a few extra minutes to look through our list of 5 Reasons to Include Local Items on Your Holiday Shopping List this year.

1- Shopping local can help your community's economic growth

By shopping at a locally owned store and small businesses, you're helping grow the economy in your area by supporting jobs and reinvesting in the local economy. According to the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), when you shop local, approximately 48% of your purchase's price is recirculated back into the local economy. The percentage drops to 14% when you purchase at a chain store.

2- Unique and exclusive items

Fold-Over Clutch by Clutch New York

Shopping locally can enrich your shopping experience – and give you access to locally produced, unique items that haven’t been mass-produced. Big retail stores might have greater volume but the smaller brands shine in diversity and exclusivity.

3- Environmentally friendly

Fast fashion has been critiqued for its environmental and social drawbacks. Big companies and factories frequently fall short to adequately maintain proper working conditions and provide high-quality items that may be used for a longer period of time, generating less waste in the world. By choosing to shop local, you make a better decision about adopting a more conscious lifestyle.

4- Shopping local boosts job growth in your community

When you shop local, you create more local hiring opportunities and help with job stability within in your community. According to a study by Michigan State University, small local businesses are the largest employers nationally, employing 52% of the nation's employees and creating two out of every three new jobs.

5- GIVE SPACE TO EMERGING brands and support entrepeneurs

The A-Bag by Crafted Bags/ Charlie Bucket by Shana Luther /Cash & Carry by Clutch NY

By shopping from locally-produced brands, you support emerging brands and give voice to new creators. Don't miss the chance to discover new designers and actively collaborate in promoting the local economy.

Start shopping local today. Check out our new gift sets for the holiday season. All made in USA.

See more on our shop page.

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