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It's no secret that brands are more conscious than ever before. From ethics to sustainability and politics, brand voice is incredibly important, as are the values of brands. In a recent Forbes article, the journalist shared the importance of value driven marketplaces. This article, outlined value based marketplaces as the shopping experiences of the future, stating that brands and designers will find there is more importance placed now on the connection consumers have to companies. With these more conscious consumers on the rise, being a part of a marketplace is an incredible opportunity as a designer. Not only does it add brand voice and value to your brand, but it places you alongside other likeminded designers, bringing you more exposure and a larger audience.

The rise of the conscious consumer has been manifesting itself for a while now. Now more than ever, we see multi brand marketplaces popping up everywhere. Why? Because these conscious consumers are looking to shop BRAND way more so than just PRODUCT. Offering a platform that houses individual brands, provides emerging designers with a value driven space for them to sell their accessories. As consumers look for local businesses and online marketplaces, the connectivity of these individual brands in an online marketplace drives exposure, sales and consumer traffic as well as brand visibility and brand association.

At Clutch Bags dot com, we curate our marketplace to reflect the future of emerging female designers. We offer selling space and your own designer page, embracing #girlboss designers, and designers who are making locally in the USA and globally. Not only do we offer a value driven marketplace and a designer profile page for our sellers, we also offer marketing and exposure beyond a traditional marketplace. When you start your journey of selling with us, we also sell your product through our marketing platforms. Whether that be newsletters, mailers, blogs, twitter, facebook or instagram. We offer an exposure to new audiences that appreciate the value driven nature of our marketplace. It's really as simple as sending an email to, or contacting us today and you could be live on our curated marketplace tomorrow!

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