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start your own #girlboss bag business

In 2014 Sophia Amoruso gained notoriety after taking the world by storm with her personality, story, business and hashtag #girlboss. Vogue also wrote up on how to be a #girlboss by dressing the part. But the team at #clutchbagsdotcom in 2020 wants you to be able to do so much more than just dressing the part. That's why we sat down this week on the blog to curate a list of places to start in developing your own #girlboss bag business and how you can make your vision a reality. Keeping reading below to find our girl boss top tips from the team.

Understand your start-up brand

This is a major tip for when you're in the process of developing your bag business. Understand your brand as a start up - what do you offer that sets you apart? Where do you offer it? Who is your desired audience and how will you reach them? To be successful in the industry a designer and founder must also understand and be aware of their place within the industry and their 'niche'. As a start-up you have a lot of notoriety for being 'new' but that also holds weight and responsibility in determining where you stand and what you stand for.

Know how to sell your products

You are the voice behind your own brand and your designs and passions are what is going to sell your product. Have a message and know what you demographic needs to be sold and how. If you're developing a nappy bag for expecting mothers where and how do you sell this to them? Are you the comforting and always handy brand that saves them time or are you the modern millenial brand for working moms that delivers their nappy bag straight to their office? Whatever you angle is for your brand you need to learn how it connects with your audience in order to determine how to sell that product to them.

Have mentors/inspirations and goals

You're not alone! It's okay to have help, support, mentors and inspiration. In fact if you study as many people and businesses that you admire you'll be more likely to learn what you love about their approach, what you don't like and what they could improve on that will help you develop an even stronger brand. Once you have these inspirations and mentors defined you can start to set short and long term goals that project the company into the next 5-10 years. Start with small achievable things like a certain number of sales, followers, traction or growth. Or maybe it's even personal goals like managing self care and your hustle.

Know your CEO style

As you become more of a #girlboss whether that be with business growth or with hiring more employees, you need to learn your CEO style. How do you handle clients and staff. What is your approach to tough situations, team work, collaboration, trusting your team etc. Are you the CEO that hires powerful people to trust and depend on or are you the CEO that needs to have everything approved first through you? Whatever your style is you need to be consistent and do what's best for you and your bag business at that point in time.

Learn your marketplace - sell with empowering platforms

Where does your bag business exist? Is it on an empowering girlboss platform like Clutch Bags, or is also sold through instagram or a website. Find other women who will empower and support your journey as well as lead you to places that will sell your bags and support your growth. Learn where your bags exist best and how you can market them through the platforms you decide to sell them on.

& Finally - Keep pushing & growing

Your job as a bag business owner is never really over. Keep pushing, designing and dreaming whilst slowly knocking down each goal with passion. Become the #girlboss you could be today! Head to Clutch Bags to contact us

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Nov 27, 2020

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