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Sustainable fashion and conscious fashion – What's the difference?

Sustainable fashion and conscious fashion are both important in today's world; sustainability helps to preserve the environment, while conscious fashion encourages us to make more mindful choices about what we buy. Despite being complementary, there are differences in the concept of sustainable fashion and conscious fashion.

Sustainable fashion refers to the manufacturing of apparel using materials that have been reused or recycled. This reduces waste and helps preserve the environment. Conscious fashion, on the other hand, encourages consumers to think about where their clothes come from, how they were made, and who made them.

Sustainable fashion is related to the manufacture of products. It seeks to use production methods that minimize environmental impact. In line with fast fashion, sustainable fashion seeks to offer pieces that have greater durability and are produced with eco-friendly materials. Conscious fashion, on the other hand, is related to consumer behavior. It involves valuing practices that involve lower consumption, like up-cycling and thrifting products, in addition to opting for pieces made in a sustainable way. Conscious fashion is a goal to be accomplished through collaborative efforts and political, economic, and institutional reform that prioritize reduction and change the consumer behavior. It is a power that the consumer holds and wields whenever they find themselves at the cash register checking out.

At Clutch Bags New York we believe in both sustainable and conscious fashion. We're proud to manufacture all of our accessories in New York City using up-cycled, high quality materials. We seek to reduce material waste while creating unique pieces for you. We hope you'll consider shopping with us as a way of supporting sustainable and ethical practices throughout the entire supply chain.

Article written by Kat Yasuda.

Kat Yasuda is the Clutch Bags resident blogger. She loves to create and has a passion for design and art.

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