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taking the folder-over clutch to the streets

The majority of you are surely itching to enjoy the weather now that March is almost over. Recently, the weather has been quite mild in New York. For me, just going outside and taking walks has been invigorating and refreshing. Since there is always something going on in New York, I often find myself overwhelmed by all the options for the weekends. Combing the mags and calendars for the events of the City, I have edited some goodies here for all of you to check out. I've included a few indoor + outdoor activities in NYC as well. Locations are also included here if you prefer some options. The suggested bag style to take to the streets with you, and add some flare, would be the Fold-Over Clutch

which really translates into any occasion.


Gabe Mollica: Solo - A show about friendship

“Solo: A Show About Friendship” is a New York Times Critics’ Pick and Time Out New York notes that Gabe is "rare in his incisive ability to identify the problem, analyze its contours and find ways to joke about it. You’ll leave the show with a smile on your face and maybe even a new resolution: to hang out with a friend and ask them how they’re doing—really.”

I've been wanting to see this production, and I've heard nothing but great things. I'd suggest going if you live in New York since I know you'd appreciate it. As well as discussing his life experiences, Gabe delves deeply into what it means to have friends in your 30s. Don’t forget to bring your Fold Over Clutch.

Here is a link for more information about the event Soho Playhouse

Astrology dinners at society cafe

This place has been on my list ever since I learned about it because the experience sounds fantastic. It seems really unique and fascinating for a night out in New York City.

Here's the published invite for those of you wanting to go.

“Join us at Society Cafe, the flagship American bistro located inside the Walker Hotel Greenwich Village, on March 23 to kick off their new Astrology Dinner Series. The monthly, themed prix fixe dining experience is a collaboration between Executive Chef Nicholas McCann and astrologer Lauren Ash from the leading metaphysical and astrology guidance app, Sanctuary. This month’s menu puts the fire in fire sign through its food and drinks themed around Aries.”

You can bring your Fold Over Clutch to take pictures and look stylish.

Here is the link for the event Society Cafe.


Central Park Walking Tour

This tour is something you should absolutely take if you like being outside. The recent weather has been conducive for this experience, making it ideal for touring and picnics.

Here's a snippet:

“The Central Park Walking Tour departs at 12 pm daily and has a duration of 2 hours. We ask our customers to arrive 15 minutes before their tour departs to allow for a smooth setup and a punctual start time. Enjoy a leisurely walk around Central Park and discover the beautiful scenery at your own pace. We recommend our walking tour for those craving the most personal and relaxing experience. Enjoy the shade provided by the trees as you walk around Central Park to keep you cool on even the hottest days. This tour allows for interaction with the tour guide and the other members of the tour to create a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.”

Make sure to bring your Fold Over Clutch to store all your belongings.

Here is the link to buy tickets and learn more about the event Central Park Walking Tour

Observation Deck The Edge

This viewing deck is one of my personal favorites in New York. It has an incredible view, and it's the ideal location for photos. It's different since it has glass walls and you can see sites.

“Experience the beauty of New York City with new eyes as the Edge introduces a brand new way to soak in pristine views of the city. Standing tall at the west end of Manhattan, it promises a remarkable vantage point from which you can enjoy sweeping views of the city that stretch for miles in every direction.”

The Fold Over Clutch would be perfect for your picture.

Click this link to learn more about the experience of The Edge.

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