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tell your friends usa made rocks

As consumer habits change, and fashion houses like Vogue acknowledge the habitual change in the way we shop post-pandemic, Clutch Bags wants YOU to share with your friends and we'll reward you with $25 off your purchase.

We are realising the power of the purse, so let's start changing our collective behaviours for the better. Consumers are making more "considered purchases" in 2020 and the foreseeable future so buying pieces that honour "craftsmanship and artisanal values" has never been more on-trend. Investment is paramount to local economies, designers and businesses as well as keeping the notion of local making alive. By sharing Clutch Bags with your friends you are not only supporting our small business and team but you're also supporting the female designers that are the face of our platform. Buying from their small business is also supporting the turn around of American made goods and manufacturing, providing vendors with more clients and overall benefitting American communities.

So are you ready to tell your friend that made in America bags are the way to shop? Read more below to find out how you can enter and automatically get $25 towards your next purchase on Clutch Bags Dot Com.

How can you enter? Tell your friends that bags in the USA rock by commenting on one of our 'Share and win' posts and tagging them on Instagram. We'll send you your unique code to shop all of our American made designers' products with 25 dollars off. American bags are for the confident cool girl so make sure you and your friends are ahead of the shopping trend with your own Made in USA piece.

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