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That's so clutch!

#thatssoclutch may not be a viral phenomenon right now, but we are pretty sure it will be soon. The resurgence of female designers who are making locally, and being a #girlboss whilst doing so has driven platforms like ours and created a new emerging market.

#clutchbagsdotcom is here to bring you everything #clutch from the latest products on our site, to the coolest places in NY, or trendiest street style we've spotted. We keep you in loop on fashion week and everything we find that is emerging in accessory trends and handbags.

Girl boss designers can sell with us on our platform and join the supportive community of women who make in the USA. If that sounds like you, or someone you know you can get in contact with us and start the journey of selling.

You can also shop all of our products on #clutchbagsdotcom. How clutch!

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