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The rise of Conscious shopping

A lot changed in 2020. Whether it be the increase in face masks, or the demand for loungewear, the fashion industry shifted at a very fast pace. In a recent report by consulting firm McKinsey, BOF showed that fashion sales in the US fell off a cliff edge in March. Fashion companies' year-on-year profits declined by approximately 90 percent in 2020, following a 4 percent rise the year before.

As people sat at home, living, and working from one space, the need or desire to consume decreased significantly amongst consumers. This shifting reality was a change of mindset that has been a long time coming. Loungewear and comfortable clothing replaced office attire and luxury purchases. For the last few years the industry has noted an emphasis on ethical and sustainable production, but 2020 was the year that finally altered the fashion landscape. We as a larger community struggling through job insecurity, changing global economies and isolation, became incentivised to support local and become conscious shoppers. This shift immediately changed the industry's impact, as without the demand the demand for fashion, there is no supply. The sourcing locally, making locally, shopping locally mentality reduces waste and empowers the local economy, community, artisans and local supply chains.

This rise of conscious shopping isn't a new trend. We have seen the local, handmade, ethical and sustainable shopping practice become more mainstream and accessible. But the pandemic really saw a rise in this value-driven shopping, where people wanted to help keep their local craftspeople and brands alive, so invested their shopping in these brand and shared their loyalty to the locally made movement.

The trend now of conscious shopping 2021 favours the comfortable, the monochromatic, the practical but classic. Accessories are the new black - statement pieces that take on an entirely new meaning. 2021 is about the safe with the bold. Luxury and over dressing is uncommon, in its place lounge wear with statement masks, statement accessories. Whether it's a political message, a message to shop locally, or a bright or bold print, accessories are at the forefront of self expression this year.

Shop locally to embody a conscious shopper. From sourcing to production, our girl boss designers are making and selling locally. Our new website boasts awesome new additions to our shopping page that you can check out here. Don't forget to shop our gift cards to help your love ones start their own locally made business journey.

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