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This july let's sell your bags

Throughout June we were so thrilled to see all of the amazing #girlboss designers sending us their bag business for our campaign. We are thrilled to announce that for the month of July we want to continue to receive your amazing submissions. For the duration of this month we would love for you to send us the story behind your bag business, to get set up on our site.

We are always very moved and empowered by creating a community of women and designers who are all passionate about making in the USA, and who through storytelling are able to sell their bags with integrity, passion and pride. At Clutch Bags that is exactly what we do and what we strongly believe in as our mission [see below!].

At Clutch Bags Dot Com we facilitate a space for emerging female designers who make accessories in the USA. A space to be seen and heard, we work with a variety of designers who believe in the made in USA movement. We are a #girlboss run company that focuses on empowering females through their accessories and choice of style and self-expression. The culmination of designing, developing, manufacturing and selling creates a shopping site dedicated to helping you find the perfect accessories, created right here in New York City.

So why do we want to hear from you and what can you get out of this opportunity? We are constantly building, adapting and curating our site to be the best #girlboss site that it can be. That's why we want to hear about you and your business so that we can get you up and running on our site. Not only will you have your own online portal for selling you accessories, you'll have be featured in our blogs, mailers, social media and more!

Email all of your submissions to today for the duration of the month, we can't wait to hear from you!

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